Lesson 7: Explore with me

Explore with me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 26)

Where are the children? What is this girl doing? What's this? Swing, slide, monkey bars. Listen to the audio. Can you see the (yellow circles)? How many can you see? Can you find other shapes?


Open your Activity Books (page 22). Look at this picture? What can you see? What can the children do? Can you see shapes here? How many triangles are there? Count and circle the correct number.





Going on a Shape Hunt



We are going on a shape hunt! What shapes are there on your sheet? (circle, semicircle, triangle, heart, oval, rectangle, square, star) Shapes are everywhere. Let's go to the yard to spot them

This activity helps them recognize and identify shapes, and connect math to the real world in a fun way.


Shape Art: The Three Little Pigs 





Creating houses is a good way of practicing the shapes, and if it's connected to a story, it's more engaging. First, we watch and play The Three Little Pigs with the girls, then we start making the houses out of shapes. 


What does the first piggy make his house of? Yes, straw. What color shapes do we need for his house? Don't forget to add the door. What shape is the door? What about the second piggy's house? What does he build his house of? Twigs! Exactly! The third piggy is the most hardworking one. He makes his house of bricks. We need a lot of bricks to build his house. 



Learning Station: Puppet Play





The best thing about playing The Three Little Pigs is that we can play it with hand puppets, masks or with the pictures the girls made during the previous activity. The story can also be played indoors or outdoors with real straw, twigs, and bricks.





Lesson 6: Follow me


Lesson 8: Think with me


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