Lesson 6: Follow me


See-saws are good fun and encourage collaborative play and patience, as they require coordination and balance between children. The girls really like it and it's a good opportunity to learn the nursery rhyme, See-Saw Margery Daw.


See-saw, Margery Daw, 
Johnny shall have a new master, 
He shall have but a penny a day, 
Because he won't work any faster.




Follow Me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 25)





Look at the children. Where are they? Listen to their conversation. What happens? Listen and repeat after them. Would you like to act it out? 


Open your Activity Book (page 21). Which picture is correct? Why? Where will you draw a smiling face? And here, a grimacing face. Color the correct picture.



Learning Station: Arts and Crafts





The girls really liked unit 1 where we did a lot of arts and crafts while experimenting with interesting techniques. I put all the art materials on the table and let the girls create whatever they want with them. We revise the art vocabulary we covered in unit 1.

What does this picture use? What are you creating with these materials? 


Nature Art





As the girls made pictures of flowerbeds in the previous activity, I asked them if they would like to go on a walk and see if we can find wildflowers as beautiful as the planted flowers we have in our garden. We picked some beautiful poppies, clover flowers, daisies, dandelions, chamomiles and collected some leaves, twigs and pine cones and decided to create something out of these findings.




Lesson 5: Say it with me


Lesson 7: Explore with me


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