Bird Activities

The Bird Watcher book from the DK Eyewitness Activity series is an excellent guide to find out more about these animals. There are many great activities to try out as well as expert tips on birdwatching. Most activities can be completed by following the step-by-step, illustrated instructions with materials on hand.










We can do birdwatching almost anywhere. While playing in the garden, going to the shop, or walking, we can stop for a few minutes to observe these feathery creatures. We made Adele's binoculars from cardboard tubes. Since she is eager to use her binoculars, she doesn't need too much encouragement to spot the birds. 


Look, there's a bird! Where are your binoculars? What is it? Is it big? What color is it? What color is the beak? Ssshhh! Speak quietly, birds have very good hearing. Try not to get too close to the birds and move slowly. They can get scared away easily. 



Bird Diary





Our Bird Diary contains pictures of the common birds in our area. Adele cuts and sticks the pictures in her notebook and we write the birds' names in English and in Hungarian, too. We usually take out the diary when we do a bird craft.



Bath time





Birds love taking baths. They love to be clean. They don't take long baths. Birds prefer a quick dip in shallow water. Would you like to watch them how they go about washing? Let's make a bath for them. We need a tray, some small pebbles, and rocks. Where should we put the bath? Let's find an open space so cats can't attack the birds as they wash. You can spread the pebbles all over the tray. Now, pour water into the bath. Where should we hide? Look! There is one. It flutters its wings to splash water all over its body. 

Some birds enjoy dust baths, and never take baths in water. Visit grandma, and find out what birds I am talking about. She has a lot of them. 



Bird Buffet



What do birds eat? What do you think? Do they all eat the same food? Let's give them a special buffet to find it out. We need breadcrumbs, sunflower seeds, soaked oats, fruit and bacon fat (we can't buy mealworms here). We also need five plates. Where shall we put the dishes? We have to find an open place that is out of reach of predators like cats. We can hide in or behind your playhouse and watch the birds arrive.

What birds will not visit our bird buffet? What do you think? I give you a hint. These birds get all the food they need by catching insects in the air. Who are they?






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