Bird Crafts


Doing arts and crafts help my daughter learn the common birds in our area. There are many ideas on Pinterest, I choose the ones that are not too difficult for my five-year-old daughter.


Migratory Birds



On Krokotak I found some brilliant cutting practice printables to make storks and swallows. Some of them can fly!

Where can we see storks? There is a nest on a tall chimney. How many baby storks are there, what do you think?

Where can we see swallows? There are swallows everywhere! They fly so fast. They eat flying insects. Where do they usually sit? Yes, on wires. Grandma told that there is a swallow nest under their roof. We have to check it. 


Water Birds





We read the Ugly Duckling many times in Hungarian and recently we have read, watched and played it in English, too. 

What birds can you see in the Ugly Duckling story? Why do they call the little bird Ugly Duckling? What happens to him? Let's make the characters. Mother Duck is a wild duck. What color is she? Her ducklings are yellow. And the ugly duckling? Let's create a white swan from a paper plate. Would you like to act out the story?








Adele got her first library card last month and she took out one of the Raven the Little Rascal books. She really likes the cheeky little raven and we decided to create a raven out of toilet paper roll. 

Do you know that ravens are songbirds, too? Let's listen to his song. Do you like it? Do you know other birds that have a beautiful singing voice? 



Night-time Hunters




When the sun goes down, most of the birds go to sleep. But not all of them. Do you know any birds that are awake at night? They fly and feed at night. What sounds do owls make?



Bird Nest





We make a bird nest out of salt dough, moss, small twigs, dried grass, and leaves. We make the eggs from play doh.

Let's see. What do we need to make a bird nest? We have some salt dough. What else do we need? Where can we find (twigs)? Let's collect some.  How can we make a bird nest? So, we form the nest out of salt dough, first. Then we add the twigs, the moss, the dried grass, and leaves. How many eggs will you put in the nest? Let's sing the Two Little Dicky Birds song.





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