Lesson 5: Say it with me

Song: One wombat on a trampoline 

Trampoline time is loaded with health benefits. It improves balance, agility, coordination, and spatial awareness and the up-and-down motion helps children reduce stress and anxiety.

Linda Bance in her Music for Early Learning book invites us for a creative and linguistic adventure with her One wombat on a trampoline song. It provides an excellent opportunity for playing around with rhymes, expression through movement, expanding vocabulary and moving with confidence and control while having fun in a trampoline.


One wombat on a trampoline,

Boing! Boing! Boing!

One wombat on a trampoline,

Boing! Boing! Boing!


Suggestions for the song: One wombat, two tigers, three fleas, four firemen, five fish, six silk worms, seven sailors, eight apes, nine knights, ten trumpets.

We can also make up the verses with any kind of creatures. 

How would a flea jump? What else can they do on a trampoline?



Say it with me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 24)





Look at Benny. What can he do? What about Fifi? What can she do? Look at Prickly. Is she happy? No, she is worried. What can she do? And what can't she do? She is funny. Listen to the audio and repeat.


Can you swim/skip/spin? Can you show it?


Let's make a pattern!

swim - skip - swim - skip

skip - spin - skip - spin

spin - swim -spin - swim

swim - skip - spin - swim - skip - spin



Tracing with Prickly (Show and Tell 2 Activity Book page 20)





It's a similar tracing activity to the one we did in the Hello unit. As they are already familiar with this type of activity the girls trace the curved and straight lines, circles and other shapes with their Prickly puppet. 

Prickly, please don't walk fast, just slowly. Don't step off the lines, Prickly. Are you tired, Prickly? Would you like to sit down and rest for a while? Which line was your favorite, Prickly? Which one was the most difficult? 

Can you read the word? What can this girl do? Pick up your pencil and draw the lines.



Learning Station: Play-Doh Fashion Design



Creating dresses to the little dolls is Adele's long-time favorite pursue. Fortunately, Virag enjoys this activity as well.


Who is this princess? What dress is she wearing? Yes, a sparkling purple dress with flowers in the front. What color dress will you make her from play doh? What molding tools do you need? How will you decorate the dress? This is such a great fashion design!


Vocabulary: colors, names of the princesses (Ariel, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, etc), dress, skirt, top, molding tools, print a butterfly, decorate with ribbons, flowers, roses, hearts




Lesson 4: Sing with me


Lesson 6: Follow me


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