Lesson 4: Sing with me

Sing with me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 23) 


Who's this? What animal is Benny? Yes, he is a bear. Where is Prickly? What animal is Prickly? And Fifi? What is Benny doing in this picture?  Is he climbing?  Is he swimming? Is he walking? Yes, he is walking. But, can he walk? Listen to the song.

Look there are two similar pictures. Are they the same? No? Why not? How many differences can you find? Circle them. 

Skip, skip, skip to my Lou. Hm. I heard this song before. Who sang it? Can you remember? Let's watch the Playing with Prickly film, again. Who sings the song? Would you like to learn it?





Skip to my Lou


I show the girls how to skip by skipping in a circle.

Step forward with one foot, hop once on that foot. Now quickly step with your other foot and hop once on that foot. Let's sing Skip to My Lou and clap the rhythm. Let's start skipping, singing and clapping at the same time. 



Learning Station: Building a Sand Castle



Playing in the sand has many benefits such as using their hands to explore, dig into imaginary play, increase creativity, practice social skills and collaboration and it's a great amusement for all of us.

Let's build a sand castle! What do we need for building a sand castle? We need buckets, shovels, cups,  sand, water, pebbles and pine cones. Can we build the castle from dry sand? Let's try it. Shovel some dry sand into the bucket. Is it full? Turn it upside down. It doesn't work. What should we do? What happens if we add some water to the sand? Fill your bucket with wet sand now. Turn it upside down, again. Yes, it works! What will you add to your castle? How will you decorate it?



Mother Witch


I teach the following rhyme to the girls:

Slow, slow mother witch, fell in a ditch, 

she picked up a penny and thought she was rich.

First, I become the witch. I start walking, the girls walk behind me and chant the Slow, slow rhyme. I turn and ask: Whose children are you? The girls may give any names and we continue walking on. if they say Yours! I start chasing them. Whoever I catch becomes the next witch.



Lesson 3: Read with me


Lesson 5: Say it with me


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