Lesson 3: Read with me

Learning Station: Puppet Play

We have many puppets at home. Some are bought but we often make our own puppets, too (e.g. the Berry and Dolly characters). Adele is used to acting out stories in English, many times, she invents her own stories, so it's easy to do activities like this with her. Virag is a bit shy during dramatic playtime but we try to help her. Everybody chooses her character(s) and we start playing.





Read with me: Playing with Prickly (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 22)






Look, where are Ben, Fifi, and Prickly? What animal is (Fifi)?  What are they doing? What are they playing with? Let's see what happens to them in this story.

Can Prickly run fast? How can she run? Can Prickly catch? What can she do?

We watch the story, then I read it from the Student Book to them while they are having their snack. 





Bounce and Catch



Drop the ball, let it bounce once, and then catch. Now, do it in a row. Drop and catch.

 The girls try different sizes of balls. They start with larger balls, then continue the activity with smaller ones. Apart from developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor control of the hands and fingers, it is also a good way of practicing the words drop, bounce and catch. We do a little maths, too. 

Which ball is the biggest? Which one is the smallest? Can you put them in order by size?



Drama Time: Playing with Prickly


Would you like to act the story out? What do we need? We need a ball and a fence. Where can we play? How will we make the fence? What does Prickly sing when she arrives?

We take it in turns to play Prickly, Benny, and Fifi's part.



Lesson 2: Play with me


Lesson 4: Sing with me


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