Lesson 2: Play with me

Blowing Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is not only an easy way to have fun with children, it’s also an amusing way to work on a lot of developmental skills, such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual tracking skills, gross motor skills, social and communication skills and much more.  After letting the girls delight in their bubble blowers, I give them directions on how to pop the bubbles.

Clap the bubbles, poke them, squeeze them, jump on them.  Pop with your finger, your elbow, your knee, or your nose. The bubbles are going up (or down). They’re going fast (or slow). There’s a bubble in front of (or behind) you. I see one next to you. There’s one above (or below) your head. It’s to your right (or left). That’s a really big (or little) bubble.



Play with me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 21)



Look. The children are playing. What is he? He's a robot. This boy has a remote control. The girl asks: Can he walk? What do you think: can he walk? Can he catch/build/climb/kick/run? Check it out. Listen to the audio. What do the children say? Can he (walk)? Can you find the stickers at the back of your books? What does this picture show?


Game: Benny says



This is the Benny version of the well-known Simon says game. First, we play the game with the Benny puppet till the girls get used to obeying only the commands that start with the words Benny says. Then we will play the game without the puppet.


Kick the ball, climb a tree, catch the ball, jump, build a house, run, run fast, run slowly, walk, fly a kite, crawl like a spider, jump like a rabbit, fly like a bird, swim like a fish



Learning Station: Cooking



Cooking with play doh is one of the girls favorite activities. They love working with play doh and enjoy the aspect of exploration. Using this amazing material is a never ending tactile learning experience. It also fosters cooperative play and helps to understand the importance of share.

What do you cook this time? Do you make cakes? It sounds great? So, you first make a ball, put it in the cake pan and place it in the oven. Who's got a birthday today? What kind of cake do you make? Yummy! It's a delicious strawberry cake! Thank you. I am full. I am hungry! Do you cook soup, too? What do you put into your soup? Put it on the cooker. Don't forget to stir it with your wooden spoon.  Roll the play doh out to make a snake. now, chop it with your knife. What will you cook from the little pieces?  

Vocabulary: cook, bake, make a cake, soup, stir, roll, chop, raspberry, strawberry, apple, grapes, pumpkin, broccoli, chocolate,  corn, salad, plate, pear, oven, cooker, knife, cake pan, wooden spoon



Lesson 1: What can you do in the park?


Lesson 3: Read with me


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