Lesson 1: What can you do in the park?

Hello and Unit 1 Lapbooks

Before I introduce Unit 2 to the girls, we examine the lapbooks we made in the previous units. The girls describe their Shape Kids, count the butterflies, order the reindeer by size, describe the handprint owl, talk about Van Gogh and his painting, the Starry Night, name the art materials, say the colors of the rainbow, and talk about their Show and Tell Project.

Where are Sam, May and Anna in the Hello unit and in unit 1? Let's look at the pages. Now, let's see where they will go this time. 



What can you do in the park? (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 20)



Look at the picture? Where are the children? Where is May/Sam/Anna? What are the children doing? How many children are there? How many girls/boys? What is Sam doing?  What is the girl in the yellow jumper doing? What can you do in the park? (introducing the words: climb, walk, run, blow bubbles, fly a kite, kick a ball, build, walk). Listen to the audio. Listen and repeat. What is Sam doing in the picture? Would you like to build a house? A fairy house?


Fairy House


It was planned to be an outdoor activity, but unfortunately, the weather turned cold so we stayed indoors.

Building a fairy garden is an easy and exciting activity. It allows the girls to learn and practice English in an unusual way. The girls decorate their fairy house ( a terracotta pot) and paint its roof made from air-dry clay. We practice the words house, roof, door, window, flower, colors.

How can we make a house of this pot? How many windows are there? What color is the roof/door? What do you use to paint the roof? What do you use to decorate the house? How many flowers are there?


Fairy Garden



I put soil and planted some flowers into two out-of-use biscuit pans beforehand. Adele and Virag place the fairy house into the garden, make a pathway from pebbles and put some pine cones and rocks into the garden. Now it is ready to be inhabited by a fairy!

Words that we learn and practice: garden, fairy, pathway, pine cones, pebbles, rock, plant, daisy.

Let's put the fairy house into the garden. Look, here are some pebbles. Let's make a pathway among the plants. Would you like to add some pine cones and rocks? It's so wonderful!


What can you do in the park? (Show and Tell 2 Activity Book page 17)



What can she do? She can run. He can kick. She can build. He can walk. She can climb. He can catch.

Here's a ball. Can you catch the ball? Can you kick the ball? Can you walk? Can you jump? Can you crawl like a spider? 


 Bean Bag Drop




It is a great activity to improve the fundamental motor skill of catch. Adele and Virag face each other one meter apart. One of them is holding one bean bag in each hand at about eye height. She drops one bean bag and the other girl has to catch it before the bag touches the floor.

Don't forget to keep your eyes on the bean bags. Don't turn away, don't take your eyes off the bags. Stand with elbows bent and hands in front of your body. Try to catch the bag in a nest made by your hands.




Lesson 2: Play with me


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