Lesson 9: Show me

Story: The King, the Cat, and the Rose

Using movement, gesture, posture, and dance are excellent ways to bring characters to life while storytelling.


First, I present the characters of the story. All the characters have their own gestures or movements that we come up with together. Whenever they hear the name of the character, they have to role-play it.



 Once upon a time, there was a huge white palace. A king lived here. He had a cat. It was a lazy, big, fat cat. The king liked walking in his garden. There were many flowers, but his favourite was a wonderful red rose. When the king watered the rose it was stretching out to the sun. But when the king forgot to water the rose, it dropped its head.

The king's cat didn't like walking, he liked sleeping. But one day, the king became sick, so he couldn't go walking. Instead, he ordered his cat to go to the garden and water his favourite rose. The cat felt miserable.

While he was walking down the stairs, a spider landed on his head. The cat got scared, he was afraid of spiders and started to run as fast as he could. The spider, who was sitting on the cat's head, was also scared. He was afraid of speed.

The cat, with a spider on his head, bumped into a ballerina, who was dancing in the garden. The cat, the spider, and the ballerina all fell into a bush. The ballerina stood up first. She was angry.  Don't you know that you can't go running around in the garden?! The king loves his rose so much. If anything happens to it...

Suddenly the cat remembered the rose. He left the ballerina and the spider and hurried to the rose. The cat watered the rose, the ballerina became friend with the spider and the king recovered fast. They all lived happily ever after. The end.



Show me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 18)





What's this? Who's this? What colour is the (pen) in the poster? It's (purple). It's a (purple pen). Color the little square (purple). What are Sam and May doing? They are talking about the pictures. Would you like to play this game? Let's find the pictures at the back of your book. Cut the pictures out. Who'd like to start?



Show and Tell Project (Activity Book page 15)





Look at this page. What are we going to do here? Yes, make a picture. Look at the column, what art materials are there? So, we need feather, shapes, glue, crayon and glitter. Let's make a picture now. What does your picture use? This picture uses...



Mirror, Mirror! 



I stand to face the girls with a small space between us. As I wave my arms, jump, step, wiggle, bend, hop, spin, skip, run on the spot, dance or otherwise move, Adele and Virag try to “mirror” my movement. After they have imitated me for a few minutes, I let them be the mirror master one by one.



Lesson 8: Think with me


Lesson 10: Show and Tell


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