Lesson 8: Think with me

Bird Craft

In one of the episodes from the well-known children's series, Caillou, the children make birds out of Styrofoam balls and feathers. I thought the girls would like this craft, too. It is also a perfect way to practice the body parts (new words: beak, wing, tail, feather), colours and the art tools and materials. This craft is done in two stages. First, the girls paint the body of the bird and the base and we let it dry. In the second stage, they add the wings, tail, beak and eyes.






Think with me (Student's Book page 17)






Who's this? What is she doing? Look at the table. What can you see? What is Anna doing? What materials do Sam and May use? Listen to the song. Would you like to sing it?

Let's do the Think with me activity in the Activity Book. What are these? How many (oranges) are there? Yes, (eight). Circle the number.

Fifi has an idea. She says, mix black paint with white paint. What colour is it now? Yes, grey. Now we have a lot of grey paint. What should we paint with it? Here's a piece of paper for you and your brush. What are you painting?



Going on a Frog Hunt



 The storks are standing in the pond. First on one leg, then on the other. They are spreading their wings. Now, the storks are flapping their wings. They are very hungry. The storks start to walk around in the pond looking for frogs. They look left and they look right. There they are! Sitting on lily pads, there are two fat frogs. Yummy! The storks are standing still for a while and then they catch the frogs as fast as they can. Hm...they thought, why don't we play with the frogs before we finish them up? Toss your frog in the air with one wing and catch it with your other wing. Poor frogs. I can't play with them anymore. I'm so hungry. Let's just eat them.



Handprint Owl





The girls paint one of their palms, then press it onto a construction paper so that the hand print faces down. They draw an outline around the print and cut it out. They add the googly eyes, a red triangle to be the beak, feathers, and legs made of drinking straw. While they're working we practice naming the body parts, colours, and the art tools and materials.




Lesson 7: Explore with me


Lesson 9: Show me


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