Lesson 7: Explore with me

 Science and Art

It's a terrific activity that combines art and science using baking soda and vinegar.  I fill a tray with baking soda and some cups with vinegar and added different food colouring to each cup of vinegar.  The girls place a few drops of coloured vinegar with pipettes onto the baking soda and watch what happens.





 Explore with me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 16)





Look at this page, what can you see? What animals are these? How many pictures are there? How do they make this picture? What does this picture use? Listen to the audio. The picture of the fish reminds me of summer and the sea. Do you like going to the sea? I thought of a princess who lives under the sea and she hasn't got legs but a fish's tail. Who is she? 



Little Mermaid Pin The Tail



Look! Here she is! But, oh no! Her tail is missing! Here it is. You should pin it to her body. But Ursula, the evil sea witch blindfolds you and spin you around. She doesn't want you to help Ariel.



 Cupcake Liner Sea Animals





What animals live in the sea? What sea animals have you never seen? Let's make a sea scene together. We use cupcake liners and googly eyes to make sea creatures like crabs, fish, octopuses, sharks, jellyfish, and turtles.




Lesson 6: Follow me


Lesson 8: Think with me


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