Lesson 6: Follow me

Float the pond

 Imagine that this room is a pond. You can only cross the pond by walking on your two lily pads. Place one lily pad on the “pond” and step onto it with one foot. Balance on one lily pad with one foot and place the second lily pad in front. Step onto the second lily pad and balance on one foot again. Continue until you have crossed the entire pond. If you fall into the water, swim up to your lily pad again by doing five jumping jacks, then continue crossing the pond.






Follow Me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 15)



What are the children doing in the picture? Listen to the audio. What are they talking about? Virag, please pass the green crayon. Thank you. Adel, pass the red crayon. Say: Here you are. Thank you. Then the girls practice the conversation on their own. They also do the accompanying exercise on page 13 in the Activity Book.



Vincent Van Gogh: Starry Night






I  liked KinderArt's extension idea of using Texture with Chemical Reactions technique for creating landscapes of night scenes. It's also a good opportunity to introduce the great artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Using a Power Point I talk about Van Gogh and some of his paintings.


Girls, I'd like you to meet a wonderful painter. His name is Vincent Van Gogh.  He was born in the Netherlands but he lived in France, too. He lived in this beautiful town, Arles. He lived in this nice yellow house.  This was his room. What can you see there? He liked walking and painting trees, flowers, especially sunflowers. How many sunflowers are there in the vase?  He loved to paint landscapes. What was his favourite colour, what do you think? Look at this painting. It is called Starry Night. What colours can you see? How many stars are there? Would you like to make a similar painting? First, let's draw the stars and the wind with crayons. Don't forget to tell the other: Please, pass the (yellow crayon). Now, wash over the crayon with dark blue watercolour paint. Sprinkle salt over the dark paint while it is still wet. Can you see the stars?





Weather Game



The sun is shining bright. So many beautiful colours - the trees are beginning to blossom, the grass is green, beautiful daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and daisies everywhere. Spring is so wonderful. But clouds are coming. White clouds, then grey clouds. It is starting to rain.  Ice is falling. Oh no, our beautiful flowers are in danger! It is raining hard. The wind starts to blow. The rain is pouring down. Lightning strikes. Boom! Thunder roars. The rain is slowing down, the sun is coming out and there is a beautiful rainbow in the sky.


Sunny: Make a big circle over your head with your arms.


Cloudy: Squeeze two imaginary pillows above your head.


Rainy: Wiggle your fingers down in front of you, simulating rain.


Ice: Drum your fingers on the floor.


Windy: Sway your arms left and right like you were trees.


The rain is pouring down: Hit your legs with your hands.


Lightning: Raise your arms in the air, shout 'boom' and hit the floor hard with your hands.


Thunder: Hit the floor with your fists.



Lesson 5: Say it with me


Lesson 7: Explore with me


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