Lesson 5: Say it with me

Watercolor and Salt 

Pick up your brush. Dip it into a colour paint and paint a piece of paper. What colour would you like to paint with? Now, sprinkle it with some salt while it is still wet. What is happening to the salt? Which one do you like the most?


Vocabulary: watercolour, water, salt, paintbrush, colours, paper, sprinkle





Say it with me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 14)





Look at the picture. Who's this? What is Benny doing? Where is Fifi sitting? Where is Prickly sitting? What animal is (Benny)? Listen to the audio. Now, listen and repeat. What colour is (Fifi)? Would you like to colour Benny's painting?


Look at page 12 in your Activity Book. Is this a fox or a log? Which word are you going to circle?



Patty Shukla: Stand up, Sit down





One of our favourite Patty Shukla songs is Stand up, Sit Down. Its story is simple and fun, makes the kids burn their pent-up energy while they're learning simple instructions like stand up, sit down and turn around.




There once was a troll
Who guarded a bridge
wouldn’t let you pass
Until you did what he said
And his special request
went something like this
Stand up, turn around and sit down


Stand up
Sit Down
Stand up
Turn around
And now
Sit down
Stand up
Turn around
Sit Down
Repeats and gets faster…



Painting a Tree with Salt






Texture with a Chemical Reaction is a great art lesson plan from KinderArt, though we did this activity in a simpler way.


Paint the trunk of the tree with brown paint. Sprinkle it with salt. Now, draw the branches also with brown. Wash your brush and dip it into the green paint. Let's paint the crown of the tree. Sprinkle salt on the crown while it is still wet. How does it look like now? What can you see in your painting?


Vocabulary: paintbrush, watercolour, salt, paper, water, tree, crown, trunk


Lesson 4: Sing with me


Lesson 6: Follow me


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