Lesson 4: Sing with me

Q-tip Painting

Painting with Q-tips is a perfect for fine motor practice and loads of fun.


Dip a Q-tip in one of the paints. Now, press the tip to the paper. What can we draw with Q-tips? Dots, lines. Let's make a flower with dots. If the colour is starting to fade, dip the Q-tip in the paint again. Can you make footprints with Q-tips? How does Fifi's footprint look like? Let's check it in the Show and Tell book. Can you find Fifi's footprints?






Sing with me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 13)



Look, who's this? And what are these? Whose paint is this? It's Benny's paint. How do you know that? Yes, these are Benny's footsteps. They lead us to the paint and the brush.etc. Listen to the song. Do you like it? Now, listen and point. Would you like to sing the song?



Skittles Science






It is an easy and exciting activity from The Dad Lab and provides a good opportunity to revise the order of the rainbow colours. 


Make a circle with skittles on your plates. What colour comes first in a rainbow? The next colour is... What colours are missing from the Skittles rainbow? Here is a glass of warm water, pour it in the centre of the circle. Watch the magic!



Lesson 3: Read with me


Lesson 5: Say it with me


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