Lesson 3: Read with me

Crumpled Paper Art

First, crumple the paper up into a ball. Choose one color and use it to paint all around the outside of your balls. Now, gently unfold it to see how it looks. Press it down, crumple it up again, and paint it with another color. What does this picture use? What art materials do you use? What colors do you use for this crumpled paper?

(The idea is from Buggy and Buddy)





We let the paper dry then we make greeting cards.





Read with me: What a mess!





I point at their puppets. Who's this? It's Prickly. Prickly has two friends. This is Benny and this is Fifi. They like to play and do a lot of things together. We watch the film What a mess! together. Do you like the story? It's funny. What are they doing? They are painting the room. But Benny makes a mess. He pours out black paint. But who has an idea? They paint the floor black. They step into white paint and leave white footsteps everywhere. What does Prickly say? Is he sad?


We talk about the film and then we open the Show and Tell 2 Student's Book at page 12. I read the story for them while they're having their snack.


Then the girls do the tracing activity with the help of Prickly in the Show and Tell 2 Activity Book on page 11.



Growing Flowers


Combining movement with storytelling actively engages children and allows them to reinterpret the text or spoken words and bring it to life in a creative, personal way.

Let's pretend to be flowers. What flower would you like to be? I'm a tulip. A beautiful red tulip. Please, crouch into a ball. We are bulbs. We are growing like a flower. Rise up slowly and reach out the arms as if sprouting. Now the wind is blowing and we are swaying and waving our leaves (arms). We get thirsty (droop over forward) but someone waters us (we straighten up), that was delicious! Nighttime comes, so let's close our arms like petals do. We are sleeping now. Look, the sun is coming out, let's stretch our arms upward.



Lesson 2: Play with me


Lesson 4: Sing with me


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