Lesson 2: Play with me

Marble Paper


Please, drop some food coloring all over the shaving foam. Pick up your fork. Drag the ink across one way and then the other. Just once one way, and then once the other way. Lay a piece of paper on top of the swirly color. Lift off the paper. Put it down and scrape the shaving foam off with your ruler. Now, dump the excess into this empty bowl. After one print is pulled off, the kids can add more ink, swirl again, and print again. When the shaving foam gets really mucky then we just spray a new layer on top and go again.





Play with me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 11)





What's this? It's a brush. What color is the brush? It's yellow. So, it's a yellow brush. We talk about the picture. Listen to the audio. There are stickers on the back of the book. Can you find them? Which stickers will we use? The ones that show a brush, a pen, an eraser, paper, glitter, and paint. Which sticker goes here? Yes, the brush. 

Adele, show me your brush. What color is it? It's a green brush. Virag, show me your pen. What color is it? etc.

We do the Play with me activity on page 10 in the Activity Book, too.



Shake and Move by Patty Shukla





 Action songs may appear to just be fun, but they can also strengthen memory and recall, develop fine and gross motor skills, enhance hand and eye coordination, increase language skills, vocabulary and word understanding and much more. I like Patty Shukla's songs because they are easy to learn and remember and provide great opportunities for burning off kids energy. Her music is interactive and focuses on positive, educational messages for young people. You can find her videos on YouTube.



Marble Paper Collage





Later we made a collage to revise the shape words we learned in the introductory unit.


What shape is this? How many circles are there? Can you find the biggest square? Where is the smallest triangle? What do we use to make this picture?



Lesson 1: How do we make pictures?


Lesson 3: Read with me


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