Lesson 1: How do we make pictures?

Story: Berry and Dolly: The Rainbow

Berry and Dolly is a beautiful little story about a little snail and a ladybug. Adele and Virag have watched and read many of their stories in Hungarian and they already know The Rainbow story, though they haven't seen it in English.

What's the weather like in the beginning of the story? What is there in the sky? What does Berry want to do? Why is he sad? How does Dolly want to cheer him up? What do they make for Berry? What colors are there in a rainbow? When does a rainbow appear in the sky?





Rainbow Scrape Art





Let's make a rainbow! We added dots in a line in rainbow order (rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) and carefully scraped across with a ruler to create a rainbow. It's so beautiful. The girls stick cotton balls to both ends of their rainbows. While they're working I ask questions like How many clouds have you got in your picture? What is the order of the rainbow colors? Let's make your kinder toys slide down the rainbow.



How do we make pictures? (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 10)





What can we see in this picture? Where is Anna? What is she doing? What is Sam doing? How do they make pictures? What things are there on the tables? What's this? It's a (pencil/brush/eraser/paper/glitter/glue/paint/picture). Books, scissors, pictures on the wall. Listen to the audio and point. Would you like to make your own picture?How do we make pictures?


How do we make pictures? (Show and Tell 2 Activity Book page 9)

Look what's this? What can we do with a pen? What's your task here? Yes, match the objects with the pictures by joining them with a line.



Cotton Ball Target Drop






Stand on a chair and drop the cotton balls from about eye level. Try to land them in the bowl bellow. First, we start with a step-up stool, then a small chair and finish with a normal size chair.




Lesson 2: Play with me


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