Lesson 4: Say it with me

Hopscotch Mat Math

The girls build towers with blocks on the hopscotch mat with the correct number of blocks high. They have to build together so it is a great collaboration practice. 

What number is this? How many blocks do we need to build a tower here? Who'd like to start? Your turn, now. 

Would you like to build your own tower? How tall can you build the tower before it falls? How many blocks are there in your tower?





Cutting Practice and Learning Shapes





It is a fun activity to practice cutting skills as well as talking and learning about shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, semi-circle) at the same time.

Cut out the shapes along the dashed line. What colors can you see? What color is the (triangle)? How many (triangles) have you got? What shape is the yellow one?



Story: What's this?





We watch the video about Prickly, Fifi and Benny. Talk about it and then act the story out by taking it in turns to play Fifi, Prickly and Benny's part.

Who's this? What animal is (Fifi)? What toys are there? What happens in the story? Do you like the story? Why? Would you like to act it out? Whose part would you like to play?



Shape Collage





The girls make a shape collage from the shapes they cut out.

Let's make a shape collage. We need a piece of paper, glue and the shapes you cut out earlier. What shape is this? Which shape is your favorite? How many (squares) are the in your shape collage?



Lesson 3: Sing with me


Lesson 5: Show and Tell


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