Lesson 3: Sing with me

Rainy Day Math

As it was raining all day yesterday, I decided to make this Rainy day activity for the girls. It is an easy to make math game and a fun way to practice number recognition and one-to-one correspondence.

Look out the window? Can you see the sun? No, the clouds are covering the sun. It is raining. Can you see the raindrops falling? Look at that puddle. Can you count the raindrops falling in the puddle? No, there are too many raindrops and they are falling so fast. But I have clouds and raindrops on the kitchen table. Would you like to see them? What color is cloud number one? How many raindrops will it have?





Reindeer Math: Patterning





Basic math skills in preschool and kindergarten set the foundation for learning more advanced math concepts later on.  Patterning is one of those important early skills. Thankfully, patterns are easy and fun to teach!

 The Reindeer Math printables can be downloaded from The Educator's Spin On It. 

Let's build a pattern with our reindeer. Can you make a pattern with the reindeer in a different way? Can you find patterns in the house? Let's start searching for them? Can you see a pattern in the (kitchen)?



Sing with me (Show and Tell 2 Class Book page 6)    



Look at this page. Who is this? What is she doing? She's jumping. What animals can you see here? What are they doing? They are jumping, too. What is this? A bird. What is this bird doing? It is flying. etc.

Rabbits can jump. Birds can fly. Spiders can crawl. Fish can swim.

We do the listening exercises (Listen and point, listen and repeat)

Can you jump? Show it! Now, jump like a rabbit. Fly like a bird. Crawl like a spider. Swim like a fish.

Patterning: Fly- Jump - Fly - Jump

                      Swim - Crawl - Swim - Crawl

                      Fly - Jump - Swim - Fly - Jump - Swim

                      Fly - Jump - Swim - Crawl - Fly - Jump - Swim - Crawl

We sing and do the Jump, jump, jump song from the book.



Tracing with Prickly 





The tracing activity in the book is a perfect opportunity to practice the skills they need to write, including learning how to hold a crayon or pencil. Tracing curved and straight lines, circles and other shapes refine children's muscles and coordination, which makes it easier for them to transition to writing. we do the activity with the help of Prickly. The girls do the tracing activity by walking their Prickly puppets around the page. It's a great opportunity to direct my corrections to the character and not to the girls.

We also do the matching activity with Prickly in the Show and Tell 2 Activity Book. While they work I ask them: Whose shadow is this? What can birds do? Birds can fly. 



Lesson 2: Play with me


Lesson 4: Say it with me


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