Lesson 2: Play with me

Lego Math

Using the lego pieces the girls build number rods. With this activity, they practice counting, number recognition, ordering numerals and fine motor skills. It also develops collaboration as the girls have to build the number rods together.

Take it in turns to start the rods. Who's turn is it? What colours are there in number 5? One orange, one blue, one dark green and two light green.




We did a similar activity the other day.





Learning Station: Lego 



As the lego box is already out, the girls build a house together for the princesses.Apart from being a great children-led activity, it helps them learn how to work together, listen to and pay attention to the other's ideas.

What are you building? Is it a big house or a small house? How many windows has it got? How many yellow blocks are there? Are there more red blocks than red? How many princesses live there?



Play With Me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 5)





Look at this table on the picture. What can you see? Where are the books/teddy bears/pencils/ducks/ etc) How many (teddy bears) can you see? We do the listening activity that goes with the exercise. Then we continue talking about the picture but this time they circle tho correct numbers. So, how many boats do you see on the table? One or two? One. I see one boat. Please, circle the number. 



 Play with me (Show and Tell 2 Activity Book page 5)



What can you see? Pencils, cars, cats, balls. But look! What is this? It's not a pencil. It's a crayon. It's not a car. What is this? Yes, it's a boat. What should we do here? That's right. Circle it. Okay, now let's count the pencils. How many pencils? Which number will you circle? Yes, number four. etc.



Reindeer Math: Sorting





I found the Reindeer Math on The Educator's Spin On It. You can download the printable for free and there are descriptions for the different games you can play with the cards.

Look! Reindeer! How many reindeer are there? What do you notice about them? What colour are they? What size are they? How might we sort the reindeer? Can you sort the cards in a different way?



Reindeer Math: Ordering by Size





I tell the children to place the reindeer cards in order from smallest to greatest and then backwards.

Which reindeer is small? How many small reindeer are there? How many bigger reindeer can you see? Which one is the biggest? Can you put the reindeer in order? 



Lesson 1: Hello


Lesson 3: Sing with me


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