Merida is a bold and fearless Scottish princess and she is desperate to be in charge of her fate. She's short-tempered and impatient, and she doesn't think through the consequences of her actions. I simply adore her.


However, the most appealing about the film is that the mother and daughter relationship forms the center of the story. Usually, in children’s stories, the mother is absent because she is dead or if she's present, she doesn't have an impact on the protagonist's life. Both Merida and Elinor are strong characters and they have to change and figure out together a new way for their relationship and society to work.





I'm happy to have memories of my then three-year-old little "Merida", who jumped on her rubber horse, shot the whole room full of arrows (pencils) and rode off to Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky.


Sometimes, when we have an argument I say to her: "I am the queen, you listen to me!". Sometimes she turns me into a bear (or a frog) with a piece of cake. It works many times and instead of fighting, we start playing.


Here is how we play our favorite part:


Merida: I am Merida, firstborn of Clan Dunbroch, and I'll be shooting for my own hand!

Elinor: Merida!
Merida: This dress!
Elinor: Merida, stop this!
Elinor: Don’t you dare loose another arrow!
Elinor: Merida, I forbid it!

Elinor: You embarrassed them! You embarrassed me!
Merida: I followed the rules!
Elinor: You don’t know what you’ve done!
Merida: Just listen!
Elinor: I am the queen! You listen to me!
Merida: Oh! This is so unfair!
Elinor:  Unfair?
Merida: You always tell me what to do, what not to do! Trying to make me be like you! Well, I’m not going to be like you!
Elinor: Ach! You’re acting like a child!
Merida: And you’re a beast!

Elinor: Merida!
Merida: I will never be like you!
Elinor: No! Stop that!
Merida: I’d rather die than be like you!
Elinor: You are a princess! I expect you to act line one!                                                      

Merida: No!
Elinor: Oh, no! What have I done?


Naturally, I have to help her with her lines but the time will come soon when Adele teaches and plays with the family's youngest "Merida".






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