Little Red Riding Hood

Playing with hand puppets or finger puppets is a natural and fun way of language learning. Children can develop speaking and listening skills easily through puppet play, and it gives them confidence in communicating in English.





The story of Little Red Riding Hood is an excellent choice for language learning. We play it with hand puppets, finger puppets, in costumes indoors and outdoors, too. 


M: Little Red! Where are you?

LR: I'm here, mother.

M: Take this bread and honey to your grandmother. 

LR: Okay, mom. 

M: Don't talk to strangers, the woods are dangerous.


LR: Don't worry mom, I'll be careful. Bye.

Wolf: Hello, little girl. Who are you?

LR: I'm Little Red Riding Hood.

W: Where are you going Little Red?

LR: I'm visiting my grandmother.

W: Why don't you pick some flowers for your grandma?

LR: That's a good idea. Thank you. Good-bye!


Knock, knock, knock

W: Who is it?

LR: It's me, Little Red!

W: Come in, my dear.

LR: Grandma, what big ears you have!

W: The better to hear you with.

LR: Grandma, what big eyes you have.

W: The better to see you with!

LR: But, grandma, what big teeth you have!

W: The better to eat you with! Yum!


Huntsman: What's this noise? It's a wolf! I cut his stomach. Come out, but be quiet! Bring some stones and put them in the wolf's stomach. Let's sew it back. Now, wait for the wolf to wake up.

W: I'm so thirsty. I drink some water from the well. My tummy is so heavy! Aaaah!

LR: The wolf fell into the well! Hurray!

G: Would you like a piece of cake?

H: Oh, yes! Thank you! It's delicious.!






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