Learning English Through Stories

Stories play an important role when children learn their mother tongue, and they are important in learning other languages as well. Stories are very motivating, challenging and great fun for children. As Andrew Wright, the author of Storytelling with children, says:


"We all need stories for our minds as much as we need food for our bodies: we watch television, go to the cinema, theatre, read books, and exchange stories with our friends. Stories are particularly important in the lives of our children: stories help children to understand their world and to share it with others." 


Storytelling has tremendous benefits on children's development. It helps children recognize patterns in language, introduces symbols, stimulates creativity, provides opportunities for problem-solving and decision-making.


When puppets are used for storytelling, stories come to life. They can help children recognize, manage and express feelings. In the fun atmosphere of the puppet play, kids become relaxed and eager to explore what language and stories have to offer. 



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