Lead-in (Discover Program)

Before we start our CLIL-based lessons (Content and Language Integrated Learning) with the girls, we have met a few times and played together to get to know each other better. I speak English with them most of the time and Adele tries to communicate in English when I'm present, but when I leave the room, she switches to Hungarian to speak with Virag. Virag listens and understands but answers in Hungarian. I don't want to push her. She has been learning English for years in kindergarten, on private lessons, and with her mom at home. She is a year older than Adele, so that will give her advantages in learning the different contents which will boost her confidence. Our last playtime was the lead-in lesson. 



Block Play





We have a box full of wooden blocks. First, I let the girls build whatever they want, then I encourage them to build a huge tower together. It is an excellent activity for boosting collaboration and communication. Even my baby daughter enjoyed it, especially when they destroyed the tower at the end.



Name Art 





The girls cut the different colored paper into small pieces and glue them onto the letters I drew previously. This activity improves scissor skills and recognizing letters. We decorate the box they will use to keep their Show and Tell 2 books and all the stuff we need during our Discover lessons with their Name Art. 





Adele and Virag love shooting with bow and arrows, so I think it will be a constant part of our work. Here they learn new vocabulary such as bow, arrow, pull back the bowstring, shoot the arrow, it's your turn now, etc. Apart from entertaining the girls, it improves hand-eye coordination and balance and increases focus. They also practice patience and sharing.


Lesson 1: Hello


Hi! I'm Natalia!

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