A lapbook is a file folder that contains a variety of mini books, folders, drawings, pictures and other material that cover detailed information about the lapbook's topic. What is included in your lapbook is entirely up to you. A lapbook might accompany a unit study, elaborate on a book or serve as a portfolio. Lapbooking can be done at any age and with any subject. It is a fantastic hands-on educational tool. In addition, it is highly interactive from the creation to the finished product.


With lapbooking, children learn how to research, collect, select and organize information, plan, evaluate and present their work. Naturally, with very young children, parents or educators do the majority of the work though kids can draw, paint, cut and glue or choose pictures.


There are lapbook examples and materials that you can print and use in my following articles:


- The Gruffalo


- Baby Shark


- Winnie the Witch


- The Very Hungry Caterpillar


- CLIL: Art


For more ideas check my collection of lapbook ideas on Pinterest:





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