A Bee-Bot Story: The First Flight

Using Bee-Bots in the classroom has become a favourite of all my second graders. We usually practise vocabulary, reading or have fun by adding dangers or making labyrinths out of pencils. It's a great way of improving problem-solving skills.


To work with floor robots in an EFL classroom requires a lot of practice and preparation. Students have to learn to say instructions and communicate with each other in English. Thus it is always advisable to start with unplugged coding activities such as kidbots to perfect the language first. After that, they need some time to get used to operating with the floor robots. First, we worked with one robot and groups of four-five children took it in turns to complete a Bee-Bot task. Next, they worked in two groups, each one operating a robot and only then did I split the class into four teams.


To make Bee-Bot activities more challenging, I wrote a short story. Four bees fly out of the hive for the first time and they get carried away by a whirlwind to a strange meadow. The bees can't collect the pollens unless they solve the flowers' tasks. 

The First Flight Book



I put different activities in envelopes with flowers on them. The activities served as revision and practice of the so far covered topics.


Activity types:

- put the story cards in order

- match the pictures with the words

- put the words in order to make sentences

- answer the questions


 When the teams completed all their tasks, they could place the hive card on the mat and led their Bee-Bots home.




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