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   The In the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci project was launched in December 2018 and was carried out by a Serbian, two Italian and two Turkish schools. During the project, students learnt about Leonardo da Vinci's life and work in international groups, tried different art techniques, made models of Leonardo’s inventions, organized an exhibition and tried to answer questions like: if Leonardo da Vinci lived today what fine arts techniques would he use, in what areas would he try to make people's lives easier with his inventions, how would he find supporters. We worked together on TwinSpace which provided a safe place for both students and teachers.



GoConqr Project Plan


The aims of the projects were to:


- Develop critical thinking (some examples: GoConqr mind map activity: imagine that your Italian and Turkish partners will visit us in the near future. What places would you show them in our country? If Leonardo da Vinci lived today and were a teenager, how would he use micro: bits?;


- Develop communication skills in English (Skype meetings, discussion in the forum and chatroom, biography and guidebook editing);


- Develop digital skills (collect information from the internet, e-safety, the use of different learning platforms and applications such as Twinspace, Padlet, Google Slides, Pic Collage, Google Forms, GoConqr, Quizlet, Quizizz);


- Raise artistic awareness and self-expression (using various fine arts and film techniques, organizing an exhibition);


- Improve map reading and orientation skills with Mystery Skype;


- Implement cross-curricular integration: apart from the above-mentioned activities, where English, Art, Geography, History and ICT were connected, we also tried to draw students’  attention to STEAM by organizing the 'This is all Science!' video contest and organizing a science exhibition;


- Develop collaborative skills within school and in international teams.


Mystery Skype


 Students met their partners during a game called Mystery Skype. They had to ask yes/no questions to find out where the others are from. The team that first finds it out is the winner. Sixth-grade classes prepared for the game with Quizlet study sets (countries, continents, questions) individually, played Quizlet Live within the class, practised the Mystery Skype game in pairs, small groups and as a class. Students expanded their vocabulary in the Countries topic greatly while improving their map reading skills. You can find all the Quizlet study sets and printables on the following link: What is Mystery Skype?


The Da Vinci-game



In this activity, students were divided into 6 transnational teams and each one represented a publishing house. Their task was to write a Da Vinci Biography book and a Travel Book for the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci's death. The publishing house (transnational team) that first completes the books will be granted the right to publish them. Throughout the game, students had to communicate with their Italian and Turkish teammates in Google slides and on TwinSpace forum (leave messages, ask and answer questions, choose a team name together, etc.) 

Da Vinci-game Rules PDF


Biography book template:



If Leonardo lived today discussion


Students exchanged views with Italian and Turkish partners in the TwinSpace chatroom on the topic If Leonardo lived today. They prepared for the discussion by collecting ideas and questions on a Padlet wall.

Questions PDF


Digital tools played a significant role in monitoring and evaluating the project. We used Google Forms to find out the interests and existing knowledge about Leonardo da Vinci at the beginning of the project and they also filled a Google Form questionnaire at the end when they had to answer questions about the project work (how they felt, what they liked/disliked, favourite activities, suggestions for further projects, etc.) To check how much they learnt about Leonardo da Vinci, we created Quizizz games. During the Da Vinci-game, teachers monitored and helped the teams’ work in the Google Slide books (they left comments there) and on the Forum in TwinSpace.


If you are interested in our project and would like to find out more about it, please follow the link: Project Link

What are Mystery Hangouts?


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