Coding with Scottie Go!

I like experimenting in the classroom with different methods, contents and ICT tools. Last year was all about coding and stories and that's how the Coding with Scottie Go! project was born. It was an eTwinning project with Serbian, Italian and Polish pupils working on it.


Scottie Go! is an innovative game to teach programming. It is a combination of cardboard tiles and an application. Players use the cardboard tiles to give instructions to Scottie. Then, they scan their code with the app that sets Scottie in motion on the screen.


Scottie's story


Scottie is a cute little alien who experiences some misfortune while travelling in space. I introduced the story with the following Storyjumper book:

Book titled 'Scottie's Earth Adventure'

Scottie's world


Our first collaborative task was to imagine and recreate fellScottie's world. They made posters and drawings about it. The Polish schools decided on the landscape, animals and plants. Serbian pupils imagined the people of Scottie's world, while Italians suggested their spaceships.



Learn how to code with Scottie Go!


Various missions await Scottie in the game. The players' task is to help the alien complete the missions. With first graders, I only used one board game. During the time a pair of pupils were working on a task, the rest of the class worked on different activities. Older pupils played the game in pairs or groups on extra-curricular lessons.



Discover the Earth with Scottie


When Scottie's spaceship broke down in space, the parts of the spaceship fell on Earth. Whilst players helped Scottie find the parts to mend his spaceship, they discovered the continents. They showed Scottie what interesting places there are, what animals and plants he can see in that part of the Earth.




Vocabulary extension with Scottie Go!


I created  Quizlet Study Sets to my fourth graders to help them learn the names of the cardboard tiles and elements in the game.


Scottie Go! Basic:


Scottie Go! Edu:




Meeting the partners


It was an amazing experience. Students were pretty excited to meet the partners who they have been working on the Scottie Go! project for months. They introduced themselves, showed their Scottie poster, and wrote together on Colorillo. We all enjoyed the meeting very much.





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