CLIL Science: Weather

Weather vocabulary

We made weather weels and played guessing games with cards (Is it sunny?) to learn the different weather words.





Rainbow Scrape Art


Let's make a rainbow! We added dots in a line in rainbow order (rainbow colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) and carefully scraped across with a ruler to create a rainbow. It's so beautiful. The girls stick cotton balls to both ends of their rainbows. While they're working I ask questions like How many clouds have you got in your picture? What is the order of the rainbow colours? Let's make your kinder toys slide down the rainbow.



Weather Game


The sun is shining bright. So many beautiful colours - the trees are beginning to blossom, the grass is green, beautiful daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and daisies everywhere. Spring is so wonderful. But clouds are coming. White clouds, then grey clouds. It is starting to rain.  Ice is falling. Oh no, our beautiful flowers are in danger! It is raining hard. The wind starts to blow. The rain is pouring down. Lightning strikes. Boom! Thunder Roars. The rain is slowing down, the sun is coming out and there is a beautiful rainbow in the sky.





Rainy Day Math


As it was raining all day yesterday, I decided to make this Rainy day activity for the girls. It is an easy to make math game and a fun way to practice number recognition and one-to-one correspondence.


Look out the window? Can you see the sun? No, the clouds are covering the sun. It is raining. Can you see the raindrops falling? Look at that puddle. Can you count the raindrops falling in the puddle? No, there are too many raindrops and they are falling so fast. But I have clouds and raindrops on the kitchen table. Would you like to see them? What colour is cloud number one? How many raindrops will it have?


Weather Songs and Chants




We also learn the days of the week while learning about the weather.




Download the weather printables here:


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