The European Year of Cultural Heritage

This year is an eTwinning year for me and my students.  eTwinning is a platform for teachers working in a school in one of the European countries to communicate, collaborate and develop projects. Dancing Through Our Cultures is one of our eTwinning projects and we developed it together with a French and two Turkish partners. It's a really complex project and its aim was to raise awareness and encourage dialogues on cultural heritage.



Mystery Hangout


We started the project with Mystery Hangout which is a great activity to learn the names of the continents, different countries, geographic features, practice yes/no questions and map reading. A good example of CLIL in the EFL lessons. The students were highly motivated to learn and prepare for the game where they had to find out where the partners are from.




Cultural Heritage


In this part of the project, students learnt about what cultural heritage is, how we categorize them, how many there are in the world, the threats they face and what we can do to protect them.


They practised cultural heritage vocabulary with Quizlet. It is an excellent vocabulary learning tool and has many learning features. One of them that can be used in school is Quizlet Live where students play a matching game in teams.


We made a cultural heritage book Google Slides together with the Turkish and French students. It's beautiful, take a look at it below. We worked on Google Slides because this is the user-friendliest collaborative too I found so far. It is free, you only need a Google account to create one and save it to your Google Drive. You can share it with anyone you would like to and embed it into Twinspace, web pages, etc. Students can learn many things from using Google Slide e.g. inserting and resizing images and videos, communicating and collaborating with each other in real time, etc.




Dancing Through Our Cultures



During the Dancing Through Our Cultures part, we not only learnt and practised our folk dances but also the partners' dances. We organized dance events, made dance tutorials and filmed our working on the partners' dances. It was a different experience of learning about countries and cultures.


What are Mystery Hangouts?


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