Yoga in the ESL/EFL Classroom

Ever since I came across Cosmic Kids Yoga I have been thinking about how to introduce it to my students at the school. Unfortunately, we only have two lessons a week and hardly any of the children use English outside the classroom. My daughter really loves Jaime who is an amazing story-teller and speaks beautiful British English. That's why I thought that my students might like her as well so they can practice yoga at home while listening to stories in English.


I decided to do Calypso the Flamingo with them as I have already created many languages supporting materials for my daughter that can be used with my students, too.  


We started the lesson by reading the Calypso the Flamingo storybook to help them understand the story better.


Then the yoga session began. It was wonderful. They loved it so much. They didn't get bored or start complaining about not understanding it. They enjoyed it, laughed a lot and copied Jaime's moves as much as they could. Many of them said after the lesson that this was their best English lesson ever. 


After yoga, we were talking about the story (What kind of bird is Calypso? How old is she? Where is the party? How do we go to the party? What has Calypso already prepared? Who does she call? etc.)


I think Calypso is a boy but my daughter insisted on that Calypso is a girl so in the story we refer to it as she.


My students' homework was to do the Calypso the Flamingo yoga at home. About 80% of them said they did it more than once and they found other great Cosmic Adventure stories. We made Calypso the Flamingo storybooks that lesson and did some flamingo crafts. 




Storytelling and yoga is a great combination and it is extremely beneficial for kids in many ways. It integrates functional English vocabulary, conversational English skills, relaxation, enjoyment, and yoga poses. The creative storytelling is engaging and language learning is happening in an indirect, playful way. It helps them refocus and continue work much easier, ease tension and manage stress.


Doing yoga with Cosmic Kids Adventure at home is a great source of active screen time during which kids are encouraged to move, respond and learn English.




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