Room on the Broom

While we love Winnie because she is a funny witch, the witch in the book Room on the Broom is the kindest one we have ever met. The story is a perfect read for teaching kindness and sharing and the rhyming text makes it even more enchanting. There is a right amount of funny and scary so even my little daughter can watch it. I really loved the surprising and creative ending and how the cat changes from a selfish and jealous character to a loving and sharing one. 



As usual, we created many arts and crafts related to the story: dragon crafts, corner bookmarks for each character, puppets and headbands for dramatic play, Room on the Broom scavenger hunt for vocabulary learning. 


You can download the printables here:


Room on the Broom Printables



Room on the Ruler 


Our Room on the Broom dramatic play set is a bit different from the others. We stuck the characters on clothes pegs and transformed a ruler into a broomstick. Whenever the witch meets a new animal we just pin it on the ruler. It's fun! 





Mother Witch Tag Game





One person is chosen to be the witch. The witch walks in the front and everyone else walks behind her chanting in unison the following rhyme:


Slow, slow Mother Witch fell in a ditch,

She picked up a penny and thought she was rich.


The person who is the witch can stop at any time and ask in a spooky voice

“Are you there, my children?”


The group of kids can either say Yes or No. If they say No then the witch continues on and the group continues to chant. But if they say Yes, then the witch must turn around and tries to catch someone who becomes the next witch. 

Baby Shark




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