Baby Shark

All babies learn by imitating other people, but they may particularly love to copycat older siblings. That's especially true with pretend play. My older child gives plenty of practice to her little sister who mimics most of her behaviour. However, sometimes they swap roles and the one who becomes a copycat is the older one. That's what happened when we listened to Baby Shark.


Baby Shark Storybook and Lapbook


There are colouring pages, dramatic play sets, flashcards on and it's free to download: Super Simple Learning

We used the colouring pages to make a Baby Shark storybook and the dramatic play set is part of our Baby Shark Lapbook. I modified the headband a bit. Ours have Baby Shark on one side and a little fish on the other, so the girls can switch between sharks and fish anytime they want by turning their headbands. Our lapbook printables (story prompts, word cards, picture cards, etc) can be downloaded from here:


Baby Shark Storybook and Lapbook


We did some shark arts and crafts, too. The instructions and printables for the Shark Cootie Cather and Shark Corner Bookmark can be found above in the Baby Shark Storybook and Lapbook set. While the paper plate art we used to decorate the lapbook was inspired by My Crafts






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