The content of the Hello unit is math. I always try to give a playful framework for our math activities. In daily life, it looks like this:


How many people are there in our house? Daddy, mom, Leda and Adele. Four. If daddy goes to work, how many people stay? Three. Grandma has just arrived. So, there are four people again in our house. Grandma takes you and Leda for a walk. How many people are walking? How many people stay at home? These activities are played in Hungarian (L1) and usually they are open-ended to encourage Adele to solve problems in real situations.



As math content is introduced in English for the first time to Adele and Virag, they work on lower level math activities such as working with shapes and patterns, count to ten first forward, then backward, do one-to-one correspondence in a playful, indirect way.


I deliberately left out the Say it with me (Hello Lesson 4) and Think with me (Hello Lesson 5) lessons because the girls are just learning the Hungarian alphabet and I don't want to cause confusion by introducing the English alphabet. We will return back to these lessons later.

Lesson 1: Hello


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