About the Discover Program

The Discover program is based on the Oxford Discover books and uses CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach. I started this program in January 2017 with my older daughter, Adele (age 5) and another little girl, Virag (age 6). Our first book in the series is Show and Tell 2. It is designed for preschoolers and they learn and use the language to communicate real information like playing, doing simple maths and easy scientific experiments, making pictures by using interesting techniques, running, jumping, dancing and doing yoga, making musical instruments and much more. Find out more about the Oxford Discover book and CLIL in the 21st Century EFL section.


The lesson plans are organized into unit folders and they follow the order of the Show and Tell 2 book. Each unit focuses on a content like math, science, art, music, play, etc.


The activities are divided into three main groups: teacher-led, children directed (I take part in these activities), and free play. There are no descriptions for the free plays as the girls usually speak Hungarian during these activities.


The lessons generally last for 90-120 minutes. Whenever the girls feel tired or hungry we stop for a while and decide on what to do (have a snack, play hopscotch, do archery or just lay down on the floor). 



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