Most of the girls are into Frozen. It is the most successful Disney film ever. Girls simply can't resist it. I had to do a background reading on what it is that makes Frozen so much more appealing than the previous princess' films. Here is what I found in the Time magazine, it's worth reading it:


The Science of Why Your Kids Can't Resist Frozen


Anyway, Frozen serves as a great resource for language learning. I created colourable alphabet cards, a quiz, throwing and pinning games and did a lot of arts and crafts with the girls. Above all, we sang, danced and played it to our hearts' desire.


Vocabulary: frozen, build a snowman, ice, magic, coronation, crown, queen, princess, summer, winter, snowstorm, an ice palace, monster, troll, reindeer, carrot, love is an open door, chocolate fondue


Frozen Quiz (Colour)

Frozen Quiz (Black and White)

Frozen Alphabet Cards (Black and White)




Alphabet Practice



Frozen Games





We made tossing games with recycled play-doh cans and pizza boxes.



Toss the ball to knock down the snowmen! How many snowmen are there?

Let's try the Olaf Ring Toss. Take turns to throw the rings on Olaf's nose.

The other day, we played Pin the Tail on the Mermaid. Now, let's play Pin the nose on Olaf.

Which game did you like the most?



The Princess and Prince Guess Who Game I made for the girls is a great practice for describing people.  I created a black and white version, too, so children can colour it by themselves. You can download it from here:



Princess and Prince Guess Who Game BW 





Frozen Crafts





Doing arts and crafts is always a good opportunity to revise the art vocabulary we have covered so far. We made an It's snowing! picture where we used cotton pads to create a snowman and a snowy scene. 



What shape is the cotton pad? Yes, circle. Now, we cut it in half. Look! It's a semi-circle. Put some glue on the paper and stick the cotton pads to create a snowy ground. Let's make a snowman out of cotton pads. How many cotton pads do we need for the snowman? Let's draw the nose, the eyes, its mouth and the buttons. What else should we draw? The hat and the scarf, all right. What else do we need for our snowy picture? A tree and clouds? Fine. 



We put the pictures in punch pockets, added coconut flakes and sealed it with tape.



We also made Elsa crowns, Elsa corner bookmarks and Elsa footprint pictures.



Elsa Crown Template PDF







Baby Shark


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