I remember when we first watched the film Tangled with my daughter. We laughed a lot, fell in love with Maximus and Pascal immediately, ran to the kitchen for a frying pan and danced through the Kingdom Dance scene for at least five times in a row. We acted out the story many times. She played Rapunzel's part, I was Maximus, the horse (she didn't want me to be Mother Gothel, so her favourite toy, Minnie had to play that part) and her dad was Flinn Ryder. During those days, her first thing in the morning was to check the length of her hair for a long time. She even refused to visit the hairdresser.



Rapunzel's Healing song was one of the first songs that my daughter learnt in English. That's what she sang to Simba's father when he died in the Lion King story so she could bring him back. 



Flower, gleam and glow
Let your power shine
Make the clock reverse
Bring back what once was mine



Heal what has been hurt
Change the Fates' design
Save what has been lost
Bring back what once was mine



What once was mine





Rapunzel Crafts



Although the Rapunzel obsession slightly faded away by now, we read, watch and play the story from time to time. We did many Rapunzel and her tower arts and crafts, too.



Vocabulary: king, queen, sick, magic flower, heal, castle, witch, steal, magic hair, sing a special song, horse, crown, guards, lost princess, frying pan, chameleon, tower, forest, lantern, inn, cut the hair, Rapunzel, let down your hair! Mother knows best. I have a dream! I am the lost princess, aren't I?


Rapunzel Word Cards






We made a tower for our Rapunzel doll from recycled baby cream containers, too.






You can download and print a Rapunzel 3D Papercraft from Disney Family for free:


Rapunzel 3D Papercraft



Pascal Raised Salt Painting






The girls love this technique and it's really simple. You only need a Pascal drawing, salt, glue and food colouring or liquid watercolour, a paintbrush or a dropper. 


You can download the instructions and a Pascal drawing in PDF format for free:


Pascal Raised Salt Painting Tutorial


CLIL: Rapunzel Math





It's a perfect story for introducing centimetres and practising measurement, ordering by length (Rapunzel's hair and height). 


How long is Rapunzel's hair? Can you measure it? Where is your ruler? Look. One centimetre, two centimetres...


How tall is Rapunzel? Which Rapunzel is the tallest/shortest? Which Rapunzel's hair is the longest/shortest?




Princess and Prince Guess Who? Game





I created a Princess and Prince Guess Who? game to the girls to learn the names of some story characters and to practice describing people. We play it like this: someone describes one of the characters and the others have to guess who it is.



She's a princess. She's wearing a yellow dress. She's got long brown hair. She's got a rose in her hand. Who is she?



You can download the cards in PDF for free:



Princess Guess Who Cards



Prince Guess Who Cards



Calypso The Flamingo




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