Calypso The Flamingo

My daughter's favourite colour is pink. She has a lot of pink dresses, pink cars, pink sandals and slippers, she paints pink flowers and hearts many times. So, I wasn't surprised when she asked me to make a pink bird together. To kill two birds with one stone (do some yoga while listening to Jaime's wonderful English and some arts and crafts) I introduced her to Calypso the Flamingo from Cosmic Kids Yoga



Calypso the Flamingo Book



To support my daughter's understanding of the story, I made a book for her. We read the book together and talk about it.



Who is this? Where is she? How old is she? What kind of party will she have? How does she make music? What has Calypso forgotten? Who does she call? How do they come? What do the crabs play? Is this a ball? What fruits do they put into the drink? Look, the sun goes down. We call it sunset. 





You can download the book in PDF format for free:


Calypso the Flamingo Book (Colour)


Calypso the Flamingo Book (Black and White)


Calypso the Flamingo Book (Small)


In PowerPoint: Calypso the Flamingo Book PPP


There is set of picture cards for vocabulary practice, too: Calypso the Flamingo Cards



Flamingo Crafts


Whenever we work on the story we make flamingo arts and crafts. We use paint, tissue paper, coloured paper, paper plates, sparkling paint, play dough, sun catchers, cotton balls to create flamingos. 



What does this picture use? Can you name the parts of the body?



Vocabulary: paper, pen, paintbrush, paint, tissue paper, paper plate, sun catcher, body, wings, long legs, head, beak, tail, feather, long neck





Flamingo CLIL



On National Geographic Kids website, there are some great photos and a short overview about flamingos that we use to talk about them.





Look at this amazing flamingo! Can you see its long neck? Can you name the parts of the body? It can run on water before lifting up into the sky. 



What can we see in this picture? Yes, it's a flamingo chick. What colour is it? Flamingo chicks stay in and around the nest for two weeks. 



Where do flamingos live? They live in lakes and lagoons. Let's see some pictures about lagoons. 



Flamingos live in big groups. How do they usually stand? Can you stand like a flamingo?



Look at this map of the world. What does the yellow colour show? What do you think?



The Little Mermaid




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