Angelina Ballerina

We came across this ballet video from My Little World of Songs while we were searching for Teddy Bears Picnic. The girls liked it so much that I decided to give "ballet classes" this week.



Angelina Ballerina 



 She is a great ballet dancer already, though she is just learning to become a ballerina. Who is she? She is a little mouse. A little white mouse. 


We watch the episode, At the Fair and talk about it.


Who is Angelina's best friend? Where do they learn to dance ballet? Who is their teacher? Poor William, he has to catch all the girls one by one. Angelina jumps perfectly! Where do they want to go after school? Who is Hanry? Why is Angelina angry with Hanry?


What do ballerinas wear? Let's look at some ballet dresses on the internet. Wow, these are so beautiful! They wear special ballet dresses with tutu skirt. They also have ballet shoes and they wear their hair in a bun.


We have an Angelina Ballerina book. The story, At the Fair, is in there. Can you find it?


Vocabulary: ballet, ballet dress, ballet shoes, cousin, friend, fair, candy floss, balloon, ride, roller coaster, merry-go-round, clown, tutu skirt, bun


Angelina at the Fair Word Cards





Ballet Warm-Up Dance



Look at these girls. What are they wearing? Can you see their hair? It's in a bun.

Warming up and stretching is the first thing a ballet dancer does when entering the studio. Let's see how little ballerinas do this.


Ballet Warm-up Dance is a great video for children. The movements are slow and easy to follow. The song is also good for listening practice and consolidating body vocabulary (shoulder, arm, hip, knee, etc).



Ballerina Popsicles




Let's make ballerinas from popsicle sticks. First, let's colour the ballerina's face and body. Glue it on the popsicle. Make a tutu skirt from cupcake liners. Cut the ballet shoes from coloured paper and glue them on the popsicle stick. Now, you can make your ballerina dance!



Ballet Pop-up Cards





Choose a colour paper for the card and fold it in half. Glue the ballerina silhouette to the centre of the paper where the fold is. Now, we make the tutu from a piece of paper. Which colour paper do you choose? Fold it like an accordion. When done, fold it and glue the halves together. You will get a paper fan. Finally, glue the tutu on the ballerina.



Magic Wand Reading Pointer





In one of the ballet videos the girls were dancing with magic wands and we really loved them. So, we decided to make our magic wands. 


Choose a popsicle stick for your magic wand. Glue the star on the top. Now, decorate your wands with jewels.


We can use the magic wands as reading pointers to add a little magic to reading time.





The Ugly Duckling


The Little Mermaid


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