The Ugly Duckling

There are many things we can do to help our children choose kindness. Practising sharing, teaching good manners, having daily conversations about it, as well as setting good examples for them can all help our children be kind and caring towards others. Stories can help promote kindness and fairness, too. The Ugly Duckling is a perfect story for that reason.


I introduce the story with the British Council Learn English Kids version.


What animals are there in the story? Why is the little bird sad? He is different from the ducklings. How? Why is he different?


We listen and read the story from the Show and Tell 2 book and do a swan craft from paper plates. Can you name the parts of the swan's body?


Vocabulary: duck, duckling, pond, ugly, beautiful, sad, happy, kind, rude, swan, swim, beak, wing, tail, feather






Footprint Duck Craft


What colour are the ducklings in the story? What colour is the little swan (cygnet)?  How do the other animals talk to him? How do they behave? Are they kind? How does the little bird feel? He is only different from the ducklings.


Would you like to make a duckling picture this time? It won't be an ordinary picture. First, you should paint each other's feet. What colour paint do you need? Now, press it on this white paper. Draw the head of the duckling and the beak. Don't forget the googly eye.



Play-Doh Story Time


Before we start to create our play-doh Ugly Duckling scene, we watch the Paper Puppet Playhouse version of the story.


What colour is the Mother Duck? So, we need brown play-doh to create the mother. How many ducklings are you going to make? Are they big? What colour will you use to create the little swan?  Where does the story take place? So, we need blue play-doh to make the pond and green for the plants surrounding the pond. Wow, these pine cones make perfect trees. Would you like to act out the story?


The Three Little Pigs


Angelina Ballerina


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