Lesson 9: Show me

Nature Scavenger Hunt 

Nature scavenger hunts are perfect for outdoor play and a wonderful way to encourage children to slow down and observe their environment. They have many benefits on health, gross motor skills and provide great opportunities for language learning. There is an excellent printable on Stay at Home Mum's website and it's for free!


Nature Scavenger Hunt 





Show me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 28)





It was a long walk, wasn't it? Can you remember what May played in the park in lesson 1? What about Sam? Would you like to check it on page 20? 


Look at May and Sam. They are playing a game with pictures. You have the same pictures at the back of the Student's Book. Can you find them? Okay, now, cut out the pictures. What can this boy do? Let's see, how May and Sam play the game. They play a guessing game: It's a boy. Ask questions like: Can he (build)? 



Show and Tell Project (Show and Tell 2 Activity Book page 23)





Virag, can you kick the ball? Can you run? What about you, Adele? Can you climb trees? Can you catch the ball? Look at these pictures? What's missing? Why? Whose face do you have to draw? Cut out the pictures. Can you talk about what you can do in the park?



Bubble Blower Painting





Bubble Blower Painting is one of our favourites. It's a perfect summer art technique and the painting can be used up in many ways.


Tip a little bubble mixture into each cup, and then add a little food colouring to each one. What colours would you like to add? Stir gently. It’s time to blow bubbles! Wow, it's a big pink bubble! what shape is it? Look, that bubble is still standing! Pop the bubble! This bubble blower painting is a brilliant idea!





Lesson 8: Think with me


Lesson 10: Show and Tell


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