Lesson 8: Think with me

Think with me (Show and Tell 2 Student's Book page 27)

Where are the children? Who's this? What is he doing? Sam's kite is funny. What shape is it? Can you find a circle in the picture? How many circles can you see? What color are they? So we can see three yellow circles. What other shapes do you see? Find the shapes and color. 





Shape Hunt Chant



I found this chant on ReadWriteThink website. It's easy to learn and a fun way of practicing and locating shapes in our environment. 


Going on a shape hunt,

Leaving right away.

If it doesn't rain,

We'll stay all day.

Do you see a circle?

(yes, we see a circle)

Going on a shape hunt,

Here we go.



Flying Kites





There is a great video tutorial for learning to make a simple kite on Inner Child Fun. We watch the video and follow the instruction step by step. Then we go out to fly the kites.


What color paper would you like to use for your kite? What about the streamers? What color do you need?


Let's go out and fly the kites. Wait for the wind to start blowing (it wasn't a windy day, just a breeze now and then). Look at the trees. Are they moving? Now, start running. 






Cloud Watching




Spotting shapes in the clouds is a delightful calming activity after so much running.


What kind of clouds can you see? Can you see fluffy/fat/thin/white/grey/high/low clouds? How are they moving? Fast/slowly/up/down/left/right? Can you spot any shapes in them? Which one is your favorite?



Lesson 7: Explore with me


Lesson 9: Show me


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