Nature-based ESL

Kids are more motivated to learn English when they do it through everyday activities. Exploring their environment, whether they are at home, in school, at the park, inside or outside is one of these hands-on topics.



"Nature is a tool, to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves. So climbing a tree is about learning how to take responsibility for yourself, and how to measure risk for yourself. Falling out of a tree is a very good lesson in risk and reward." (Stephen Moss, naturalist, broadcaster and author.)



During these nature activities, children can communicate real information like naming the plants, birds, insects and other animals in their surroundings, talk about them, learn songs and chants, create arts and crafts that are connected to them. There are many tried activities and ideas in the Discover section.


Learning about what is in our own backyard and street is a great place for us to start. It is where my daughters can get close and personal with the environment by observing and exploring the plants, animals, weather and much more. We try out some fun activities from the Eyewitness Activity series from DK Publisher, too. 




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