art materials, techniques, Van Gogh, yoga, action songs and activities to release pent-up energy

Lesson 1: How do we make pictures?

Story: Berry and Dolly: The Rainbow

Berry and Dolly is a beautiful little story about…

Lesson 2: Play with me

Marble Paper


Please, drop some food coloring all over the shaving foam. Pick up your…

Lesson 3: Read with me

Crumpled Paper Art

First, crumple the paper up into a ball. Choose one color and…

Lesson 4: Sing with me

Q-tip Painting

Painting with Q-tips is a perfect for fine motor practice and loads of fun.


Dip a…

Lesson 5: Say it with me

Watercolor and Salt 

Pick up your brush. Dip it into a colour paint and paint…

Lesson 6: Follow me

Float the pond

 Imagine that this room is a pond. You can only cross…

Lesson 7: Explore with me

 Science and Art

It's a terrific activity that combines art and science using baking soda…

Lesson 8: Think with me

Bird Craft

In one of the episodes from the well-known children's series, Caillou, the children make birds out of…

Lesson 9: Show me

Story: The King, the Cat, and the Rose

Using movement, gesture, posture, and dance are excellent…

Lesson 10: Show and Tell

Patty Shukla: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Before we start working on the end of…

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