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The Facts



Hi, I'm Natalia Rekic Muci, an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher since 2004, a mother of two wonderful daughters and an explorer of new teaching experiences. During these years in school, I adopted many good methods, took part in different projects, prepared students for competitions, even won several first places at drama festivals.

The name, NatiEnglish comes from my nickname Nati. 



New Prospects



The teaching of my daughters opens up new possibilities. My purpose is to help them reach near native-English speaking level, to use English as a tool to communicate and cooperate with others and to discover the world surrounding them. This is what prepares them to use English learning as a 21st-century skill.



Who is this site for?



It's for parents, preschool and school teachers and to anybody who'd like to offer more than a traditional foreign language learning environment. If you'd like to have meaningful, challenging, and rewarding lessons and ones that require learners to think deeply and learn actively. To provide an inquiry-based approach to learning, where students develop English language fluency as they discover the world around them.



What can you find on my website?



Ideas, tips, lesson plans, articles about how I teach English to early childhood learners can be found in the Story-Based section.



In the Discover section, you will find lesson plans for the Oxford Discover project which is based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach. I started this project in January 2017 with my older daughter and a similar aged little girl.



The Nature section contains descriptions and suggested language use for teaching English through nature activities.




About CLIL, the Oxford Discover books and the 21st Century Skills you can read here: 21st Century EFL.




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The Library section contains affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from the suggested titles. I recommend products that I use and love myself or that I think would be a helpful resource for you. Using these affiliate links to make your purchase helps to support NatiEnglish. Thank you!

Hi! I'm Natalia!

Welcome to NatiEnglish where you'll find fun and engaging learning activities and ideas to encourage young English language learners in the 21st Century.


If you like my work and would like to help me spend more time on my projects, you can send your donation here: